Suite aux présentations orales sur l'art éphémère, les élèves de Terminales Euro ont rédigé des articles pour partager leurs découvertes, sur cet art particulier.


En voici quelques uns:


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Ephemeral art exhibition in Charles Tellier High School


by Théo WERTH, Monday 1st April 2019, for Tellier Times.



During the last two weeks, Charles Tellier’s students have presented to their class an artist or a form of ephemeral art that they have choosen.

Performance art, land art, sand art, stone balancing, fruit and ice carving, make up, body painting, graffities,… they presented almost all the forms of ephemeral art. Indeed, their Euro English teacher Miss Labiche proposed to them to create a patchwork of words and images that was their medium to speak about their topic for about five minutes.

During their presentation, they defined precisely the form of art that they’ve choosen, and/or presented an artist. Then, they presented a selection of exemples of artworks, and they explained their particularities (message conveyed, aesthetic elements, style, technique used,…). To finish, they shared their opinion, and they used very relevant arguments… and thanks to them, my mind changed on some ideas that I had (before) on ephemeral art.

For example, Sven, changed my opinion about tattoos : before, I didn’t know if this form of art was ephemeral… and it is ! Indeed, he said that tattoo isn’t ephemeral, at first sight, but, when we’re thinking about it, as he said, « the tattoo dies with us », and it’s true : when we die, the tattoo disappears… that’s why tattoo is a form of ephemeral art.

In addition, the students presented also some artists, like Lorene Bihorel (sand artist), Robert Smithson (land artist),… But the artist taht caught my attention was David Best, an American sculptor who builds giant wood structures… and after, he burns them. I totally disagree with his methods, because today, there are too much environmental problems/issues.

The last thing that I will add is that it was a really interesting exhibition, with motivated students. During it, I discovered new forms of (ephemeral) art, and new artists. I also discovered that everybody can make art.


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