Voici la critique d'une de nos élèves de 2nde euro qui vous présente sa vision du documentaire Wasteland, visionné par tous les élèves de 2nde au cinéma Le Royal la semaine dernière.  


    Waste Land was written and realised by Lucy WALKER, Joao JARDIM, and Karen HARLEY. It's a documentary released in 2010.

All along the film, we follow Vik MUNIZ, a Brazilian artist living in the USA. Vik decides to go to Rio,in the tallest wastelandfill of the world : Gramacho. He meets several sorters of the wastelandfill, especially the president of the sorter's association, Sebastiao.Vik understood in which living conditions they are. He took pictures of those with whom he had a lot of exchanges. Then, he made works-of-art using waste from the wastelandfill, and at the end of 2 years, he went to London with Sebastiao. They went over there for sell Sebastiao’s picture, created by Vik and the sorters. They got a lot of money and the sorters shared the money. Thanks to Vik, all of the sorters are not working at the landfill any more and they have a better job and a better life.


I really loved this film because we saw the reality of the life, and there is a life lesson. We see the reality as it is. Also, I love the film because the characters (sorters) are endearing and touching.

My conclusion will be that even if at the beginning the sorters seem happy, they are not happy for real. In my opinion, all of the world should do effort to reduce our waste . The earth must not become a big waste land !

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