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Review 1:

Bartholomew and the Oobleck is a tale written by the author , Dr Seuss, in 1949. It's the sequel from the novel The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins. Dr Seuss or Theodor Seuss was an author and an illustrator who lived between 1904 & 1991. He’s well-known for his children's books and his most famous artwork the Grinch. Bartholomew and the Oobleck relates the story of a young boy, Bartholomew Cubbins, page of a king in the Kingdom of Didd. The king wants a new kind of weather, so he creates it with his magicians. That's why a strange and sticky green substance comes down from the sky…


I have mixed feelings about this book. First, I think it is a great book, especially for children. In fact, this story tells life lessons : apologize after doing a mistake, always think about the consequences of your decisions and accept what nature gives you and be happy with. Then, I like the drawings in the book, I think it makes it easier for the children to understand. For us, the drawings help too because we are not fluent in English. I have found many words and sentences sometimes complicated particularly during the descriptions. However, there isn’t enough action, in my opinion. It was a little boring. But overall, it’s a pleasant story for children and I recommend this book !


Review 2:

I have just finished reading a book. This book is Bartholomew and the oobleck written by Dr. Seuss, an American author and illustrator of children books . It was published on October 12, 1949.


This book is about the king of the kingdom of Didd who is angry with the sky because he wants something else to fall from the sky than only snow, fog, sunshine and rain. The king will then decide to create a new thing with his magicians « the oobleck », but this green and gooey thing will cause problems and worry Bartholomew, the page who does everything to save the kingdom ...


My opinion of this book is that it's entertaining, really good for improving English and that it contains good life lessons, like thinking about the consequences of our decisions and admitting we've made mistakes, but that's for me a little too childish.


So I recommend this book to children because it's fun and entertaining or for someone who wants to improve their English because it's short and easy, but also for adults who love children's stories of course !

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